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Welcome Home.

It’s been a hot minute…or four and a half years…since I’ve been here. I’m not sure why, but I bet it’s because life, the stuff of life, and other stuff got in the way. Funny how we let that happen. … Continue reading

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Yeah, it’s been a while, and I’ve got much to say. About The Decemberist:  I kept my wits about me, I was happy, I ate well, I exercised; I felt good about the season.  I did not lose weight.  It … Continue reading

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Holy Cow

I got on the scale today.  I don’t always do that, as I often go by “feel”.  And sometimes I go by “pants”…as in I put on a pair of pants to see what they feel like.  Parenthetically, my “pants … Continue reading

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Finding the Fire

New Year’s Day marks the right to begin anew for so many.  Although we may know that our hope is our future, the past is over and done with, and there is no use crying over spilled milk, we often … Continue reading

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Appreciating Our Abundance

Roughly two-thirds of the American population is overweight; approximately 30% of our population is clinically obese. “Let food be thy medicine and they medicine be food.” (Hippocrates) It ain’t that complicated…we’re given one body with which to play out or … Continue reading

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Keep your eye on the prize.

Yesterday was The Tampa Bay Frogman Swim.  I was once again happy and honored to accompany my friend Dobe on his 5k journey across Old Tampa Bay.  It was cold; the water was cold enough for the Athletic Trainer in … Continue reading

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The Right to Park

As I said a couple of posts ago, I’ve started riding again.  And I use the term a bit loosely!  I went out for my third ride in a month; doesn’t quite classify me as a cyclist to the purists!  … Continue reading

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When in Rome

Roam where the journey takes you. While driving around the other morning I got listening to a program on Catholic radio.  The man speaking was a former Protestant.  (What do you call a former Protestant?  I’ve heard many Christians call … Continue reading

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Ba da da daa da daa da…

Feelin’ Groovy.  Yes I am.  I haven’t been able to say that for a few weeks, but now I have some renewed vigor.  And vim.  Yeah, it’s all about the vim.  I haven’t been feelin’ so hot, which forced me … Continue reading

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Is it time to Surrender?

Today I wimped out of my bike ride in favor of the warmth and still air of my garage trainer.  Desiring 90 minutes workout I put on some tunes and pedeled.  Tried to play some games.  Tried to get my … Continue reading

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