Lisa JamisonThere is an interesting relationship between stability and mobility. When asked to stand on one leg, we are never really motionless. We oscillate, sway in the wind. When asked to walk, we rely on our balance skills to move gracefully.

And so goes life. We have constant periods of mobility within our stable moments. We rely on the stability of all that is right and good in our lives to move with grace.

I find myself in interesting places. Not really crossroads, as that would suggest I’m deciding which path to take next. It is more like convergence and confluence of and I’m faced with a lovely town. I want to stay here. I want to rest in the comfort of all that is familiar. I want to have a big cocktail party so all the travelers can mingle. Dinner parties will go on until all hours as folks from different paths find common ground. And then we’ll all head off to the next house, climb a fence to neighboring yard, and embrace the subtle change. Or maybe just take a nap, recovering so we can do it all again. I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I’m enjoying watching all my worlds gently…collide.

By day I work with the physical body. Mine. Others. My job is helping people “be well”, become well beings, and move to a place of wellbeing. I identify as (because that’s the lingo of the day lol) a practitioner of Integrated Somatic Therapies. I combine skills as a Compassionate Inquiry Practioner, Athletic Trainer, manual therapist, breathworker, coach, yoga therapist, vibroacoustic/sound healer,  and an all around well rounded gal to evaluate subtleties in movement patterns. I try to make mobility more stable, more functional.  Other days I quietly sit with others as we sort through strategies to help manage their own health and wellness. We build resilience and readiness…all to help live a life of vitality. And I’m really good at reading the language of the body, which makes me one heck of good practitioner if you need assistance with your “limiting factors”, or the stuff that is keeping you from living the life you want to live. We call that “trauma work”.

My day is physical. My day is cerebral. It comes with emotional highs and lows. It brings great shifts in energy. And by the grace of God I get up each day and find it all a curiosity.

For the time being I will rest in my lovely town and ponder the complexities of all that we know as “balance”. What keeps YOU in balance? Are you heavy on the intellectual, physical, emotional, or spiritual side of things? If you’re tipping to one side, are you able to catch yourself, or do you need a little push? If you’ve ever fallen, who or what has gotten you back on your tightrope?

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