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I’m back.  I’m balanced.  Because I’m moving. I’ve been working on my resolutions for a week or so. I have the typical “movement” related intentions; train for a sport or event, try new activities, have a more regular yoga practice. … Continue reading

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The Right to Park

As I said a couple of posts ago, I’ve started riding again.  And I use the term a bit loosely!  I went out for my third ride in a month; doesn’t quite classify me as a cyclist to the purists!  … Continue reading

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I wide my bike for a wheely wheely good time! I haven’t been riding my bike for a long time.  Like…five months.  Why?  Just haven’t.  Have been meaning to, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  I don’t have anybody … Continue reading

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Is it time to Surrender?

Today I wimped out of my bike ride in favor of the warmth and still air of my garage trainer.  Desiring 90 minutes workout I put on some tunes and pedeled.  Tried to play some games.  Tried to get my … Continue reading

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Don’t sweat the small stuff…

…and it’s all small stuff. Yesterday was Saturday.  I should have been posting some sage, or at least healthy advice.  I wasn’t.  My friend GO (how cool are those initials?) and I went riding in the early morning.  It was … Continue reading

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The Winds of Change

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED was that I went on a training ride with five friends yesterday. WHAT I HEARD WAS that the wind was so bad it was nearly impossible to ride.  That is was hard to stay motivated.  That one … Continue reading

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Yeah For Me!

Yeah for me!  I rode my bike today!  It wasn’t real fast, but that wasn’t really the point.  It was the first time I’ve been back on my bike in a couple of months.  I rode 40 miles.  And I … Continue reading

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Gladly Out of Whack!

It’s summer, which means it’s triathlon season.  I should be outside doing something, anything.  I should be enjoying my peeps, hanging with the gang, enjoying the sweaty fury of it all.  I should be listening to the (gentle?) pitty-pat of … Continue reading

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