Lisa Jamison

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Balance in our life only occurs with constant change.  Like the man on a tightrope,  we are asked to adapt to internal and external forces each moment of our walk.  Join me as I contemplate the physical, energetic, intellectual, psycho-emotional, and spiritual factors that keep me upright.  And the ones that pick me back up when I fall.

Welcome to MobileBalance!

2 Responses to Lisa Jamison

  1. Lara Butler says:

    MMMMmmmmmmm…I like this side of you when you speak words that give mental / spiritual homage to the dynamic qualities you otherwise embody. I’ll be back to look and listen for more….

  2. Chuck Haller says:

    lly need to see you and catch up! You have moved into areas that I no longer recognize…. but I love what you’re moving toward and becoming. March is coming up, if nothing beforehand. Love you.

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