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The Tightrope Walk of Health

It’s not easy to stay on the path of fitness.  Heck, it’s not easy to stay on the path of HEALTH!  For average Americans, the quest is not to get fit and to live a live of vitality, it is … Continue reading

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Youth Sports Injuries…just the facts.

I get ranting.  I have an opinion.  About everything.  But then again, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to (she says in a sing songy voice). Youth sports injuries occur at about 7 million/year. Interesting number.  I can … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be

That is the question.  And a recurring one, it is. After college I moved to a boarding school as the athletic trainer.  More than once I scuffled with coaches.  At times they viewed me as the young woman who didn’t … Continue reading

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State of the Union

It ain’t pretty.  The National Center for Health Statistics, part of The Centers for Disease and Prevention, recently released their annual report.  Did I say it ain’t pretty?  Actually, it’s down right ugly, and more than a little frustrating. The good news … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s News, Today  I do not sound like Forrest Gump.  There are no photos of my backside.  And DV reports less knee pain.  Life is good!

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Forrest Gump Fitness

My friend DV contacted me the other day.  She’s friend, yogi, new runner, and health columnist for the Tampa newspaper.  She wanted to pick my brain a bit…column, yoga, injury, philosophy, how I put it all together.  A heavy sigh came forth as … Continue reading

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Training to climb, climbing to train

Tomorrow.  December 11.  Saturday morning.  The Bank of America Stairwell beckons.  As consumed (addicted?) to things that I can get, the stairs indeed call my name.  A sorry muse for a weekend of glorious weather, I might add.  I swore … Continue reading

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Nine Seconds

Today’s workout plan for SJV (friend, regular training partner, and stairclimb teammate) and me was to run and climb.  It was her first day on the stairs and based on my report from last week she was excited to climb; … Continue reading

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Stair Climbing 101: And so it began…

(photo)x(42)=? I’ve signed up for the Fight For Life Climb Tampa in March, and have committed to finding 49 others to join me.  As I’ve said, my friend recently passed away and this seems like the perfect way to honor … Continue reading

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And now…some more shoulders

Keeping the main thing the main thing:  I’ll move regularly, more often, and with better quality.  This is my (underlying) mantra, even as I sit at my desk and catch up with the myriads of paperwork! Here’s another of my … Continue reading

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