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Tomorrow.  December 11.  Saturday morning.  The Bank of America Stairwell beckons. 

As consumed (addicted?) to things that I can get, the stairs indeed call my name.  A sorry muse for a weekend of glorious weather, I might add.  I swore that I would continue to run, feeling stronger and (almost completely!) pain free.  Tomorrow’s workout will be a bit different, or at least I promise that to myself right now.  Tomorrow I’ll run, do ten flights of stairs, run, do ten flights of stairs.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  I will not wear a chronograph and eye it at each ten completed.  I will not hastily extrapolate entire tower times climbed.  I will enjoy the quick burn of the legs and the (perhaps) hobble betwee climbs.  Some days you train to climb, but tomorrow will be climbing to train.

Let the weekend games begin.

About Lisa Jamison

Welcome! I'm Lisa, and I specialize in Integrated Somatic Therapies. I'm a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Coach/Trainer, Body Worker, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork facilitator, educator, and all around great gal (not necessarily in that order!). I thrive on watching people move, both in sport/activity as well as how one maneuvers the world. Professionally I can help you do that with more grace, ease, and efficiency...AND help you determine those pesky limitations, often from adverse experiences/trauma. It's about eliminating the stresses on your body and teaching you a new way. Physically. Cognitively. Emotionally. Body, mind, and spirit.
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