PackingIt’s been exactly two months since I committed to walking a segment of the Camino de Santiago. It’s been exactly two months since I’ve journaled “My pilgrimage begins NOW”.

Right about that time I met Gretchen, The WingWoman. (Any time spent with her is very worthwhile.  I’ve sent so many friends since then and all have been amazed!) Her perceptions and insights left me in such a state of joy. The information was packaged in such a way I just wanted to go skipping into the future. And with that mindset, “things” just seem to be falling into place. Who arrives at my door, what I say in response to their needs, where I encounter fascination, when exchange occurs, and how the “dance” is done…there has been a shift.

And the change has been in “mindset”. My preparation for the Walk, my Pilgrimage, my study of The Way has made me look at the road in another language (while I’m at it, neither my hiking mate nor I speak a lick of Spanish. Unless “Donde esta el bano” will get us cross country.) The word heresy derives from “having a choice”. And gnosis is “knowledge”. Somehow someone somewhere gave those both of a negative spin. Somehow being informed enough to have choices became blasphemous. And the knowledge changed from an attempt to have a direct experience with God The Divine into something mystical. And negative.

By the way, gnosis is a feminine noun in Greek. I like that. Perhaps others did not.

I depart in five days. So I’m packing. I’m packing the energy to walk eighty miles (the start of Del Norte). It’s the road less traveled. And early on we have to choose between the high road and the low road. No kidding. I’m packing:

  • an open mind
  • the ability to see the Way for what it is
  • a guide book to lead the way if, when we can’t discern
  • the spirit of Mary Magdalene
  • pockets full of prayers and intentions for loved ones
  • the knowledge that when we call upon holy spirit, it is there.

I’m also armed with much bland beige hiking attire for day and pretty skirts for evening. At the end of the day the trip is devoted to gastronomic delights and good wine.

I’ll be here as the wi-fi and time permits if you care to join!


About Lisa Jamison

Welcome! I'm Lisa, and I specialize in Integrated Somatic Therapies. I'm a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Coach/Trainer, Body Worker, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork facilitator, educator, and all around great gal (not necessarily in that order!). I thrive on watching people move, both in sport/activity as well as how one maneuvers the world. Professionally I can help you do that with more grace, ease, and efficiency...AND help you determine those pesky limitations, often from adverse experiences/trauma. It's about eliminating the stresses on your body and teaching you a new way. Physically. Cognitively. Emotionally. Body, mind, and spirit.
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