New Year’s Resolution #5: Lose the Fat

(Please note that this post has been delayed due to the fact that I went out for a pizza.)


My body composition had gotten considerably off during my months of prolonged non-training.  My goal was to lose four pounds of fat while gaining 6 pounds of muscle.  This should lower both my percentage of body fat and BMI. 

To that end, I knew I had to cut some of beloved fats from my diet.  My (self) “prescribed” list of appropriate fats have been olive oil, oily fish, nuts, seeds, and avocados.  All used as needed, but not by the cup or thrown on all willy-nilly.  I’ve actually been counting out twelve almonds at a time.  I take a small amount of sunflower seeds and sprinkle them on my salads.  I’m not eating nut butter by the spoonful (just because it’s there and handy…).  My quick go-to snack at work is a tin of smelly fish. 

No mayonaise, which could be considered a miracle (whip) for me.  No butter, which has never really been my thing.  No salad dressing, which I can live without, too. 

And then Saturday came and I sat down to write.  About fat.  I was not in the mood to move much, socialize, or do much of anything that day.  But I wanted a pizza, and I wanted to eat a lot of it.  So I ordered a thin crust pizza with chicken, artichoke hearts, cheese, and a little pesto.  Ate half of it.  Happily.  Tried to type the blog, but my greasy fingers kept slipping of the keys.  It is what it is; I am what I am…

Still working on Resolution #4:  Drop the fat.  But I can report that there is progress.  The sides of my waistline no longer stick out so far over my running tights or bathing suit.  I’m beginning to see my old abs a bit more.  I’m fitting into my real size clothing again.   

I ate a piece of pizza for breakfast this morning.  It wasn’t as good this time around.  Funny how that works. 

Seven weeks until St. Anthony’s.   Gotta go…

Will you give me six of the one on the left for four of the one on the right?

About Lisa Jamison

Welcome! I'm Lisa, and I specialize in Integrated Somatic Therapies. I'm a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Coach/Trainer, Body Worker, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork facilitator, educator, and all around great gal (not necessarily in that order!). I thrive on watching people move, both in sport/activity as well as how one maneuvers the world. Professionally I can help you do that with more grace, ease, and efficiency...AND help you determine those pesky limitations, often from adverse experiences/trauma. It's about eliminating the stresses on your body and teaching you a new way. Physically. Cognitively. Emotionally. Body, mind, and spirit.
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