Decemberist Diet

I am!

I am!

I’m gearing up for my December eating.  I have gotten rid of the leftovers that don’t serve my purpose…the pies are being eaten by homeless men, my local 7-11 workers, and athletes (they were apple and pumpkin).  And I’m getting my mind wrapped back around the thought that I spent most of 2014 NOT eating dessert.  How did I get back on the sugar?  How did I get back into mindlessly eating sweet stuff without even thinking about it?

Keep calm and get off sugar.  It’s not that complicated.

About Lisa Jamison

Welcome! I'm Lisa, and I specialize in Integrated Somatic Therapies. I'm a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Coach/Trainer, Body Worker, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork facilitator, educator, and all around great gal (not necessarily in that order!). I thrive on watching people move, both in sport/activity as well as how one maneuvers the world. Professionally I can help you do that with more grace, ease, and efficiency...AND help you determine those pesky limitations, often from adverse experiences/trauma. It's about eliminating the stresses on your body and teaching you a new way. Physically. Cognitively. Emotionally. Body, mind, and spirit.
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