Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Yeah for me!  I’m home again!  My three month Chinese drywall project took five months, but it’s done.  Well, almost.  In my hurry to get re-established in my own home I didn’t notice that my stove/oven were missing (she’s such a cook).  OK, some walls are lumpy, the stairwell needs replacing, and they trashed my non-skid garage floor.  The crown molding isn’t finished.  My closet guy has a couple of projects left.  My winter clothes are still at the other house.  I have a plethora of boxes to unpack.  The cable guy came today, so I paid him off and he did a few extra chores around the house…electronic stuff that I know nothing of.  He’s coming back tomorrow with some extra wire.  Like I said, I know not of what he speaketh. 

To market, to market to buy a fat hog.

I went to the gym today; I need to get into race shape.  I have the Iron Girl 5k this weekend.  St. Anthony’s is a month away…gosh, less than that.  I have spent the last few days climbing endless stairs in my three story town house…and that was after the butt kicking workout with Mark-the-speed-Man on Thursday.  I could barely walk.  Each stair hurt.  Count it all joy, and count it all training?  Not so much.  Today’s workout was less than stellar.  But it was a workout, and I’m thankful for being able to fit it in the schedule!

Home again, home again, jiggety jog. 

Life is good.  Much unpacking.  Race this weekend.  Busy weeks of work.  My sister and her fam come to visit for a week.  St. Anthony’s weekend.  Couple more weeks of work.  More boxes, I suppose.  Then off to Hawaii. 

Yeah.  It’s  good to be back.

About Lisa Jamison

Welcome! I'm Lisa, and I specialize in Integrated Somatic Therapies. I'm a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Coach/Trainer, Body Worker, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork facilitator, educator, and all around great gal (not necessarily in that order!). I thrive on watching people move, both in sport/activity as well as how one maneuvers the world. Professionally I can help you do that with more grace, ease, and efficiency...AND help you determine those pesky limitations, often from adverse experiences/trauma. It's about eliminating the stresses on your body and teaching you a new way. Physically. Cognitively. Emotionally. Body, mind, and spirit.
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